Nationwide Drone Experts We believe inspections can be completed Safer, Faster and at less cost than traditional methods. Our Services Contact Us

Nationwide drone experts

We believe inspections can be completed safer, faster and at less cost than traditional methods.

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Who Are we?

At Rotor Pixel, we are the aerial photographers you can trust to shoot where you might think you never could – in spaces that were once seemingly impossible! Our pilots have attained extensive training in remote piloting of unmanned aircraft systems in complex spaces. We’re experts in specific use case scenarios such as non-destructive Thermographic Surveys, Land & Building Surveys, Asset Condition Reporting and more.

We also offer data analysis and processing to ensure our deliverables meet or exceed our client expectations every time. Unlike the competition – our reports are tailored to your specific needs to integrate with any pre-existing workflows. We can fly or simply supply the equipment depending on your needs.


The Equipment

Great results are only ever achieved with the skill and experience of experts using the correct equipment. It’s even better when matched with the latest in digital innovation and drone technology.

At Rotor Pixel we only use and endorse recognised equipment manufactured by reputable brands such as DJI, Flyability, Autel Robotics, Microsoft and Emlid to ensure confidence of accurate and reliable performance.

In addition to investing in the latest airframes, we stock a vast range of payloads and accessories such as high-resolution RGB sensors, thermal and gas imaging sensors, lighting, public tannoy and ground tethered systems for long-duration time-lapse and observation missions.

St Michael’s Borough – 3d modelling
Ilminster – Factory Roof Inspection
Chard – Affordable Housing Project
Westpark 26 McDonalds
Equipment buy & hire 

New is not always best nor is it necessary – check out our used and approved products for budget suited solutions, alternatively consider our short term hire agreement if its for a one off project.