Drones for Search and Rescue Missions More than 400 lives rescued from danger thanks to drones used throughout the world.

Police are using DJI Drones and a range of DJI sensors to assist with search and rescue operations, helping to save lives right around the world.

Law enforcement agencies take advantage of the wide range of benefits over traditional methods:


  • They explore hard to reach areas with ease – and at up to 10x the speed of traditional methods.
  • Using drones equipped with thermal imaging are giving police forces the best chance of a successful rescue.
  • Our forces are deploying much faster than ever before – the DJI M300 RTK can be deployed in 90 seconds!
  • There recognising significant cost-savings when compared to overusing helicopters or large-scale search parties.


These advantages will not only save the resources of our already-stretched police forces, but it will help save more missing people in the future.

The future of drone technology is life-changing!