London Fire Brigade using Drones  Providing an aerial view of an incident, drones help Incident Commanders develop tactics to help tackle it. Drones are also able to access areas that are unsafe for firefighters. Overall, they improve safety for our crews and help improve The London Fire Brigades response to incidents.

London Fire Brigade have adopted Drone technology as an important tool for tackling emergencies and assisting in Search and rescue missions. They currently maintain 2 platforms from DJI consisting of DJI Matrice M210 and the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual.

London Fire Brigade’s Drone Pilots says.

The payload we use most is;

The Zenmuse Z30 30x optical camera gives Commanders on the ground and in remote locations live images of the incident scene. It’s so powerful it can identify a person almost a whole mile away.

The thermal imaging camera can detect heat sources and check the temperature of cylinders at risk of exploding, monitor heat spread in a warehouse fire, or spot casualties in water.

With the continued advancement of Drones, more lives will be saved and our rescue crews will remain safer.