Derbyshire Constabulary use Drones for Disaster Response When disaster strikes, a quick response is crucial. Drones are the perfect solution, as they can be deployed rapidly - reaching inaccessible and dangerous areas and providing vital information about the crisis.

Derbyshire Police deployed drones after part of the dam wall collapsed at Whaley Bridge, utilising zoom capabilities of DJI’s Z30 enabled the task force to assess the damage and help direct  a Chinook into position to place bags of aggregate to stabilise the dam

In a disaster situation,  drones can be deployed to:

  • Provide fast and effective situational awareness with mapping and images to help coordinate relief efforts, gain an overview of the situation, and identify access routes.  
  • Use thermal and zoom cameras to help fire crews identify fire hot spots.
  • Assess damage to utilities, infrastructure, and property. 
  • Search for survivors.
  • Create before and after maps of the impacted area. This information can be shared with local authorities/agencies, affected residents, and insurance companies.