CZI TH4 V2 Throwing Hook


CZI TH4 V2 Throwing Hook

The TH4 v2 Throwing hook is perfect for transporting safety equipment to persons in dangerous environments.


This cleverly designed hook enables 4 independant payloads to be attached to the underside of the aircraft and detached a specified target points.

This will be particulary useful for getting floatation devices to people in danger of drowning of sustenance to people in areas to dangerous for manned rescue.


This device is available exclusively to authorised ressellers, emergency services including rescue teams due to legalities surrounding drone laws.

Drone Laws, Training and Limitations


CAA Limitations for all UAS/Drones flights in UK Airspace Max Operating Height 120m/400ft.


For more information about Drone Rules & Requirements please read HERE or contact Rotor Pixel for further information on Training Requirements

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