+ £45.00
+ £45.00


This charging station modified by Volarious charges up to 8 TB55 DJI intelligent flight batteries at once. It can also charge other devices like the Inspire 2 remote controller, WB37 intelligent batteries, and other mobile devices with comprehensive charging. The charging case has a display for battery information to show you the amperage, voltage, temperature, and time until charge completion for each charging slot. The side of the case has a storage compartment to make the portable, durable rolling case even more efficient. The charging case can also update up to 8 batteries to the latest firmware versions without connecting to a computer. This charging case is perfect for all your drone battery needs.

Multiple Charging Modes

  • Normal Mode – Up to 8 connected TB50 or TB55 batteries can be charged simultaneously until fully charged.
  • Quick Mode – Four batteries with the highest battery level can be charged to 90% in 35 minutes.
  • Silent Mode – When limited noise is permitted, the case will slow down the charging speed to minimize sound.
  • Discharging Mode – To protect your batteries, this mode brings the battery level down to 25% for transportation or 50% for storage.

Weekly hire starts at £122.50 per week excluding Vat

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