Drone Operator ID Card


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Drone Identification Card with holder and lanyard

The CAA state “Always take your flyer ID with you when you go out flying. You may be asked to show it to a police officer or other official.”

However; the CAA do not provide ID cards (its not a legal obligation to carry one).

Our ID Card makes it easy for you to carry your Flyer ID & Operator ID with you. In addition, each of our cards has a QR code on the reverse side. This enables anyone with a smart phone camera to check the authenticity and expiry date of the ID, it also will provide a handy link to Flight Restriction Zones (FZR).

Our ID cards are a standard credit card size and have a UV security overlay containing your Flyer ID

Drone Laws, Training and Limitations

REGISTRATION REQUIREDRegister via the CAA DMARES WEBSITE. If you have already registered it is mandatory to attach your Operator ID to your UAS/Drone.

LIMITATIONS CAA Limitations for all UAS/Drones flights in UK Airspace Max Operating Height 120m/400ft.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFor more information about Drone Rules & Requirements please read HERE or contact Rotor Pixel for further information on Training Requirements.

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