GPC Matrice 200 Series V1/V2 XTS Case


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Ex display GPC Case for the DJI M200 series

Condition is A (minor signs of wear)

Why buy new when you get this quality from Rotor Pixel!


GPC worked with DJI and a team of enterprise users to ensure their DJI M210 XTS case accomodated the V1, V2 and the RTK V1, V2 whilst meeting the most rigorous requirement in the field. GPC configuration holds more accesories and sensors than any of their previous designs to support the full spectrum of mission types the M200 series can complete. The upgrade added additional cavities to accomodate,Flir XT2, Slantrange 3PX, Sentera AGX710, and Cendance with Patch Antenna. The DJI-M210-XTS is the most compact configuration possible. accomodating 6 Camera/Sensor options, upto 14 TB50’s or 8 TB55’s and 3 options for monitor storage. As always GPC uses the best quality cases by SKB and their signature water jetlow abrasive soft cell polythylene foam with blue MDL cap for added durability.


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