Whitetail 5ft UAV Weighted TOL Mat




Whitetail 5ft Weighted Drone TOL Mat

The Whitetail 5ft take off and landing mat provides an easy to identify return to home position for your drone sensors to identify!

This take off mat is suitable for a wide range of drones from the Mavic 2  to Matrice 300 enterprise series.

The Whitetail take off mat serves more than offering a compliant surface to take off and land from, it actually protects your drone and camera equipment, from dust, dirt, stones and moisture from flicking up as a result of prop wash.  

1 mat - two colours for easy identification of primary and secondary TOLS


  • Mat measures 5ft diameter
  • Fitted with weighted band to ensure the mat stay firm in upto 50mph winds (without pegging)
  • Two colours for easy identification 
  • Compass marking for easy orientation of drone direction
  • Quality rip stop material to ensures years of service 
  • Fast deployment and packup


1x Whitetail 5ft Take Off mat
1x Carry Bag


For more information about Drone Rules & Requirements please read HERE or contact Rotor Pixel for further information on Training Requirements

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