Commercial Industrial Services 

Factory and warehouse inspection

Roof inspection and roof mounted plant condition reporting using drones is now more important than ever with many roof tops missing edge protection, safe walkways and home to nesting birds protecting facilities and maintenance staff proves to be a challenge. Using drone with thermal imaging and zoom cameras means inspection can be completed quicker, safer and without causing aggravation to nesting wildlife. Faults can be identified and a safe route to the worksite can be planned before deploying engineers to the task site.

Construction and development progression reporting

Managing a construction project is no small task. From tracking site progress and monitoring safety, to overseeing subcontractors and keeping stakeholders informed, there is almost no end to the amount of coordination you face on any given day. Aerial photos, maps, and 3D models have the power to transform your day-to-day workflow. Not only can drones save your project money and resources, but they also give your team a rich set of data for more informed communication and decision making.

Boiler flue and stack inspection

Rotor Pixel provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to Chimney, Stack and industrial exhaust inspection. To keep up with the ever demand of burn efficiency and low carbon discharge. An annual inspection must be made of the boiler plant, including the supply and discharge. Utilizing thermal imaging and visual cameras, we can perform inspection and identify faults quickly and without any downtime, particularly useful in hospitals and factories where non interrupted supply is essential.

Demolition observation

You just get a better view from above. Keeping up with compliance is an important part of the UK construction culture. to better understand the effectiveness of new methods whether that’s dust suppression, sorting materials, or defining a new process. a drone eliminates any doubt by enabling observation from areas to dangerous to send personnel. Save time, money and resources when accessing structurally unsafe buildings or close observation of technically difficult demolition tasks

St Michael’s Borough – 3d modelling
Ilminster – Factory Roof Inspection
Chard – Affordable Housing Project
Westpark 26 McDonalds