Security & SAR services 

Site reconnaissance

Getting the intelligence before applying appropriate action is key for efficiency and a successful mission. Using our drones equipped with specialist thermal imaging and tele zoom payloads to supplement the gathering of information can be achieved covertly and quickly. All information is recorded and can be used for team collaboration prior to deployment.

Trespass inspection

Large sites such as factories, warehouses or construction sites have many areas for trespassers to hide or prepare an attack on security personnel. Our drones are able to track and follow an intruder in real time, feeding this information back to a control room or portable device so that the response team is fully aware of a situation as they enter it.

Surveillance monitoring

We have a range of drones and tethered systems for short and long term surveillance operations day or night. Drone surveillance presents a, quicker, low cost method of data collection and intelligence. dependent on the application our systems can be equipped with night vision, thermal imaging or floodlighting, allowing them to provide imagery needed for the operation.

Search and rescue assist missions

Drone advancements in recent years have resulted in an increased capacity for unmanned vehicles to take on a range of dangerous tasks in emergency response that would traditionally have been performed by humans. At Rotor Pixel we have the equipment and experience to assist in SAR missions providing rescue teams with the information of what to expect and to help them better prepare for the situation.

St Michael’s Borough – 3d modelling
Ilminster – Factory Roof Inspection
Chard – Affordable Housing Project
Westpark 26 McDonalds