Confined Space Inspection

Rotor Pixel stock a range of intelligent unmanned aircraft suited to undertaking inspections within confined and dangerous spaces these operations can be completed faster and at a much-reduced cost when compared to traditional methods.

Traditionally, undertaking a visual inspection of confined spaces has required the use of scaffolding, man hoists, cranes, and MEWPS this requires the deployment of additional planning and safety equipment to ensure that inspections are undertaken safely and with low risk to personnel as possible. In addition to all of this equipment, comes the time required to facilitate the task. As is often in space-restricted situations, projects are costly in recourses and financial cost.

Deployment of unmanned aircraft for conducting such inspection overcomes many of the challenges presented and provides also a much more comprehensive dataset for actioning. Inspections can be completed whilst providing a live stream to condition assessors or project managers. Rotor Pixel has a range of UAV’s suited to confined and dangerous space entry.

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