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Time-lapse cameras supplied by Rotor Pixel are capable of delivering exceptional image quality for creating full HD or 4K time-lapse videos. 

As part of our time-lapse camera solutions, we can provide solar-powered time-lapse cameras with battery backup so you can position them almost anywhere  

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After they have been captured, images are sent over WIFI, 3G, or 4G to our secure server, where you are able to access them using your own branded portal.  

Timelapse Photography 

We use state-of-the-art cameras, which can be powered by 110v & 240v electric, 12v battery packs or Solar, making them ideal for most applications.  

Our systems meet the international IP66 rating for industrial enclosures, which ensures they stand up to  harsh outdoor conditions including gale force winds, rain and the most extremes extremes of temperature.

Our systems are monitored by AI algorithms to continually monitor on site equipment performance and condition to ensure any capture failure is communicated to us within a few hours.

This means we can be sure all images are captured and stored for the duration lifetime of your project, capturing the critical phases and milestones from start to finish.

Timelapse and Construction

In order to immortalize several months of work on a construction site and demonstrate the final outcome, timelapse is likely the best and most efficient method. With time-lapse video, monitoring construction projects can become a powerful communication tool to share on social media or broadcast during a grand opening. A time-lapse video can add significant value to your construction documentation. It also motivates your internal team and allows for the tracking of project progress in real-time while showcasing the completed work. 

An intuitive timelapse portal for clients

Advanced features

A portfolio that allows you to navigate between the different points of view of your project. You can also browse through your available data, which is continuously updated thanks to an automated view feed.

4K/ 6K  & 8K full frame cameras

With a range of systems and lenses we can design design an installation for the budget conscious or the meticulous observer looking capturing every detail.

Real-time jobsite monitoring

Utilize your time-lapse installation for monitoring security and sub contractor attendance using the intuitive search function.  

Traffic Analysis

Time-lapse photography can be useful for consultants and transport planning associates for analysing traffic flow in both pedestrian and vehicular movements. an example would be to install cameras at parking forecourts to study natural human behaviours. This enables better signage and route planning to achieve better fluidity and efficiency.

St Michael’s Borough – 3d modelling
Ilminster – Factory Roof Inspection
Chard – Affordable Housing Project
Westpark 26 McDonalds